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Me Like Read

Perfect Cell! Yes, the diabolical android
programmed for destruction is you all the way,
which includes his temper... O.o

What Dragon Ball Z Character Are You Most Like?
brought to you by Quizilla

I think it was all those 'blow shit up' answers I gave XD. Vegeta's still my favorite though.

Note to self: Download Devo's 'Go Monkey Go'.

Note to Bridgie: Download Garbage's 'Cherry Lips'.

"I was practicing my Pinky-Jab of Terror."

Animatrix rawks. Kid's Story was the best one. Was I hearing right the rumor that that was the same kid from Matrix 2? He was less annoying in the Animatrix O_o. He was COOL in Animatrix.

Did I forget to relate the amazing adventures of the magical drop box? Someone threw fireworks in our drop box at work. TWICE. THe first was during open hours, at about 4, so we were alerted to the smoke coming out of the thing and Paul went out and doused it before it did too much damage.

The second was in the middle of the night. I opened the box in the morning to the reek of sulfur and a nice little conglomeration of ash and melted plastic and the fresh foam we'd just put along the bottom to protect all the helpless tapes. Good thing we got a lot more foam.

Speaking of work, I feel much better after last night's bit of working. I was at Blockbusters from 5 pm to about 3:30 or 4 am. FUN. After inventory, though, me, Michael, and Virak all went to CK's and V treated us to a nice breakfast. I ate waffles and enjoyed Michael's patented brand of humor, which involves mostly jokes about dead babies and mutilating dead hookers. We love Michael XD. And, strangely enough, despite the fact I'd just worked, like, 9 or 10 hours, I felt better this morning than I have in days. Hopefully at least most of the past few weeks' malaise has worn off. Thanks again to everyone who offered hugs and such ^_^. I love you all!

On the subject of Harry Potter, I am SO desperate to get OotP!!! My brother's gonna take a month to finish it, at this rate, I have no money to buy myself a copy yet, and even if I do get to the library it would take nothing short of a miracle for a copy to actually be IN, and at, what, 800+ pages and with a 7 day deadline, I'd have to cram to get it all read. And for that matter, I have now been THOROUGHLY spoiled on THE most important aspect of the book, something that has me even MORE desperate, and yet dreading every moment leading up to the final, fatal blow. My only hope is that the death is 'death' as MARVEL sees 'death' usually, ie he may be back, victorious and cooler than ever. And people, please, be careful about your spoilers. I know I'm really bad about that anyway, but when a person posts a fic and tells one it's spoiler-free, one goes into it expecting not to be spoiled. One DOESN'T expect to be glancing through the comments and catching things that are far too far from vague to be considered anything other than a spoiler!!! If you must post things like that, put the little spoiler warning and a line of dots or whatever to push the offending material out of sight, please. Knowing what's coming just takes a certain something from the enjoyment of the book, and no matter how minor that depletion is, it's still there. It really detracted from my enjoyment of the first two books (I spoiled those by choice, though, with the movies. Thank goodness I wised up for the third book.) and THIS is a MAJOR event, more than directly affecting my absolute favorite character, the one man who's half the reason I read the series now. It's not much fun knowing who dies and not being able to find out the specifics, really.

FOOK!! Now I have a fic idea but I have to read the book before I can write it! GAAAAAAAAAAAAARG!!!


Oh. One more thing to round out the night. Ahem.

I DROVE HOME!!! My first time on the road, and I'm only 22!! XD I did okay, I think, at least the car wasn't stop-go-stop-screech-go like it's stereotyped so often on people's first try in sitcoms XD. I SO PROUD!!! [beams]

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