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Oh my Tallest, AbbyShot's "Divinity" coat....waaaaaant....

electric chair
Execution by electric chair!!!

What's Your Most Likely Cause of Death?
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The Warrior
The Warrior. Seemingly cold and heartless, your
sword is your life. Even though there is a
loyalty to those you consider friends and you
will fight for them if truely needed, your
cause is your own: be it gold, honour or power.

What is the Dominant Inner being within You?
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You're Devi!!!
Devi was first introduced to us when Johnny went
out on a date with her in JTHM #2. He tried to
kill her so she went into a paranoia state and
didn't leave her house for months. Devi really
likes art, books, and movies. She can't do much
of what she wants though because her work gets
in her way too much.

Who in I Feel Sick are you?
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