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OMG H4RRY P0TT3R PR0N?!! WTF!!111!

april pic
You are April O'neil. Often the normalcy in a
world of chaos, you understand both the need
for order in life, but also the need to enjoy
things. You have an inquiring mind, and a good
sense of intuition.

Which TMNT character are you?
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O_O Well, maybe this new April is cooler than the old one...

Mickey Mouse with pussy and bondage leather suit.
Add ons: Grenade Launcher and Uzi
Pink or Black bondage leather

What fucked up stuffed animal should you have?
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Werewolf? Zombie? Who knows....
This is Thriller! Thriller Night! So how exactly is
a zombie also a werewolf? Well if you can dance
who cares! Rigor Mortis can't stop your groove,
get out on that dance floor!

What kind of Zombie are you?!
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YES! You would survive! So you accept the
strangers offer to help save the world from
this zombie apocalypse. You become a hero for
many years to come, and after you destroy the
*first* legion of undead, you become a
scientist on this kinda` stuff. After years of
studying zombies and the like, another breakout
happens. One breakout after another, it
repeats itself so much, it seems as if you are
always fighing these living dead bastards.
Have fun destroying zombies! For many many
years to come, becuase you are SO kickass in
doing so, you are the next Ash(hopefully you
know who I mean, you know...From that great
movie Evil Dead?!).

Would you survive an apocalyptic zombie attack?! This quiz is sort of a short story, so if you like long quizzes, this one's for you!
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['V for victory' sign!] -Yet another of those 'OMG HaRrY P0tter p0rn' articles.

"Since its June 21 debut, readers around the globe have been devouring Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, the long-awaited fifth book in J. K. Rowling's blockbuster series of youthful wizard tales. They might not know, however, that a surprising number of Potter fans had already taken matters into their own hands, writing and distributing stories that put Rowling's famous trio, Harry, Ron, and Hermione – as well as every other character mentioned in her books – into situations that are often romantic, sometimes homosexual, and occasionally pornographic"

Who in the fook do they think is writing it?! Half the people reading it, most likely, write or read the fanfiction too. Seems to me that's where a large portion of the fanbase comes from.

""There's no question that J. K. Rowling is the author of the original work, but Hogwarts [Rowling's imaginary wizarding school] may have room for more stories than she wants to write," says Henry Jenkins, the director of MIT's Comparative Media Studies Program who writes frequently about fan behavior. "And she might not be the best writer for every possible story set in Hogwarts." ' <--This man RULES.

"Fan-fiction writers are overwhelmingly women, in part because women are more likely to want to fill in gaps, resolve inconsistencies, or piece together the backstory when the original hasn't fully satisfied, says MIT's Jenkins, whose 1992 book Textual Poachers: Television Fans & Participatory Culture is much quoted by fanfic writers and readers." <--want his book, bad

""I have heard people say that if something isn't completely original, it's not creative, that it's bad, bad, bad," says Tandy. "Do they mean bad like West Side Story or bad like Clueless" (the takeoff on Jane Austen's Emma)? "Fan fiction has made me a better writer and a better reader. And you get feedback in two days! There's an emotional benefit, even if it's hard to quantify." "
Preach it sister! :D

-Rowling was unavailable for comment for this article, but it's unlikely she would say more than what her business partners present as a unified public front.

From Scholastic, her US publisher: "We are very appreciative of Ms. Rowling's fans. We are only concerned with anything that denigrates the property or is disparaging of it." From Warner Bros.: "We object only to fan fiction that is offensive to children, meaning anything sexually explicit, violent, or profane."

From Rowling's London-based agent, The Christopher Little Literary Agency, this comment: The author "welcomes the huge interest that her fans have in the series and the fact that it has led them to try their hand at writing." Therefore, the agency says, Rowling and her agents act to enforce her copyrights only when there is a commercial angle, when work purports to be written by Rowling herself, or "where the fan fiction is pornographic or inappropriate for kids." -

Why is it that Rowling herself never makes statements on this issue? That would seem to indicate she dislikes some of it, but it's not coming from her, it's coming from her 'agent', and sounds like lawyer-speak to me :P. And what the fook constitutes 'profane'? There could be a rather broad definition of that, more specificity please!

-"If you're trying to work with well-developed characters, in most fandoms, that means male characters," says Jenkins. Further, he points out, Rowling has chosen a setting – the English boarding school – that in literature and real life has traditionally been a place where boys experimented with their sexuality. - True dat.

-Slash and pornography are not one and the same. There are Potter website slash stories that are rated G, where, say, Harry and his best friend, Ron, do nothing more than look longingly across the room at each other. And there are non-slash, heterosexual Harry Potter fan fictions that are rated NC-17, and deservedly so. But when the cease-and-desist orders go out, and the publicity people talk off the record about stories that are harmful to children, they're talking about the kind of stories Mira writes.

Yet when Mira talks about her fanfic, she speaks eloquently, pauses often to choose her words carefully, and reflects on the long history of homosexual relationships in Western culture. She says she writes slash because that's where she feels the emotional energy in the stories. There are simply no female characters that interest her in the same way. And she writes explicit sex scenes because they're an integral part of her story lines. -
Wow, this reporter's starting to gain some respect from me O_O. Yay Tracy Mayor!

Speaking of tha' Potter, I finished Goblet of Fire, YAY!! A moment of silence for Voldemort's latest victim...

Now if only my little brother would hurry the heck up on Order of the Phoenix, heh.

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