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"I don't have the answer to that question. So instead I offer you this dance."

Sinbad. Pirates of the Caribbean. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. 28 Days Later. And probably at least a couple others I've missed. ALL coming out in the next few weeks, if not already out. All movies I HAVE to see. And all movies I have no money for. Wonderful O_o. I'm even going with mom to see Legally Blonde 2. Don't laugh; I'm only going cause I like going to movies with her XD.

Speaking of movies, heeeeeee....we got a screener (demo tape) in at work today. Actually it was the district manager's copy, but he's the nicest district manager in the universe, and knows how much I LOVE the original, and knew he wouldn't get around to watching it yet, so he let me borrow it. What was that movie, you ask? Why, STITCH! The Movie!!!! YES! YES YES YES YES YEEEEESSS!!!! And it was good, yay!!! It kinda sets the premise for this fall's tv series, introducing the plot of 'find all 625 ('623!' 'whatever') of Jumba's other experiments, that have fallen to Earth and all need to find that one place in Hawaii they belong. The first two they showed were cute. Sparky, a little electric one that Stitch calls his cousin, and 625, who possesses all Stitch's abilities, supplemented with advanced language skills, and who...spends all his time making sammiches XD. There's definite potential there, though it's not the original movie (what could ever match that genius?) Some really great one liners, especially.

The best part? CONSTANT references to Pleakley's cross-dressing fetish, and even a hint of Jumba/Pleakley XD. At one point Jumba refers to him as something like 'my one-eyed little one', or something equally endearing XD. Yay for slash in toons! Can't wait for the fall! Lilo and Stitch: The Series, Silent Hill 3, AND Legacy of Kain: Defiance. What could be better? Oh yeah, spending Halloween with mah babeh [KISS to Bridgie] :3 <3<3<3!

Speaking of slashy toons, Ren and Stimpy tomorrow, yay! Also tomorrow, all the REALLY GOOD episodes of Highlander start. Anyone with TNN should watch. Yes.

Garg. Where's the LoK slash, damnit!!?

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