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Sirius Black
You are Sirius Black! The dead sexy ex-convict. You
like long walks on the beach and possibly hate
Snape with a passion^^ Go you!

Which of the marauders are you?
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...need...HP...doujinshi... O_o

For some reason you would be a perfect match with
draco malfoy. If evil men with a creul sense of
humour are your thing then you are a match made
in heaven...just make sure you are mean enough
to handle him.

Which man from harry potter should you date? (for girls)
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Heh heh. If I can't have Sirius, he's the next best thing.

Fook, I love Gary Busey. He is totally, absolutely insane. Frighteningly so. He lives in his own little world. I love him.

The Stag
The Stag
You are protected by the spirit of the deer, swift
of foot and of mind; you keep true to yourself
while thinking of the good of the herd. You are
an independant and free spirit, capaple of
solemnity and of true bravery. As long as you
stay honest with yourself the Stag will protect
and serve you well. Your quote: "If I am
walking with two other men, each of them will
serve as my teacher. I will pick out the good
points of the one and imitate them, and the bad
points of the other and correct them in

What is your Inner Spirit Totem Animal?
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[leaps and bounds]

Happy International Day of Slash!

Zombies In, Robots Out! Of the 14 Year Old Girls, only one actually looks like a girl, and I seriously doubt any of them are 14. And oh my Tallest, I want WarioWare!!! That looks SO FREAKING CRACKIFIED!!! But I dun have GBA ;_;

...Ooh, Kageyama Hironobu! [bounces head]

Page 560. Again, didn't get to read much today. Oh well.


EEEEE!! Halloween with mah babeh, what could be better!!!

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