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You see same-sex relationships everywhere, and even
when you don't, you create them. You see slash
(yaoi) in all your favorite books and T.V.
shows--you believe Ron and Harry have far more
chemistry with each other than either of them
has with Hermione, and you don't know why
Relena wastes her time stalking Heero since he
obviously belongs to Duo. Nor do you understand
why Jessie and Misty waste their time on James
and Ash, respectively--the two redheads
obviously belong together. In short, you write
entertaining (if unconventional) fiction, and
probably laugh at flames. You rule.

What Kind of Fanfiction Writer Are You?
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I rule XD.

Exotic Dancer
You're Exotic Dancer Barbie. You have some moves,
and will do anything for a few bucks. Take it
off girl, but keep it PG-13 please.

If You Were A Barbie, Which Messed Up Version Would You Be?
brought to you by Quizilla

[shakes her booty] = funny animations (Super!Gay!Dom Saves the Day, hooray for Super!Gay!Dom!) -Go here. Vote Legacy of Kain. Otherwise much suffering will be had. That is all.

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