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"It's the Jane White show, it's the Jane White show, she's the girl you really out to get to know..."

OMT, Debra Wilson's a pimp named Chi-Chi!!!! XD

I can't seem to put Goblet of Fire down. Tis evil. Bewitched me, it has. Speak like Yoda, it makes me do.

"Slaaaap my ass. Slap my ass. Come on, slap it. Now call me Buttercup...This is SO MUCH FUN!"

Hey, I've seen a couple of guys that could be Burger's brother around here O_o [shudder].

...Where can I find some honing oil around bowie needs sharpening.

"You were going to serial kill the aliens, weren't you! What did they ever do to you? They're cute, and green, and Gerry says they give you supernatural sex powers!"

Fooking hell this movie's crackified O_O. OMT, Rudolph/Abominable Snowman slash!!! XD And Colin Mochrie in bondage gear, WTF? Hee hee...

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