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Evolution RAWKS!

Title: One Girl's Trash is Another Toad's Treasure
Rating: PG
Fandom: X-Men Evolution
Pairing: Todd/Kurt, hell yes!
Summary: Comfort comes from unusual places.
Author's Notes: Originally began with contrelamontre's 'flashforward' challenge in mind, but I went over the time limit and past the weekly deadline :P. Stuff in / /, as a result, is flashing forward, visiting the future just as flashbacks visit the past! Neato, huh?! Also, the girl is NOT Amanda. Consider it AU if you have to, but as much as I don't really care for Amanda, I know she wouldn't act this way. O_o
Feedback: Thoroughly glomped.

"I'm sorry."

Something chill weighed heavy in his palm; the locket he'd given her on their first month anniversary. He stared at it, not seeing it. Faintly, his mind registered her fading presence.

His legs gave way; he slumped slowly to the ground, hands on his knees and eyes unfocused, directed at some invisible point before him. She was gone.

He was still in the same position when Todd found him, nearly an hour later. Todd's first reaction was to gloat; any misfortune to fall on a member of Xavier's band of goody-two-shoes was cause for humor. Assuming a practiced smirk, he sauntered over to lean on the rough concrete of the gymnasium wall.

"Yo, Blue Boy. Why the long face, huh? What, somebody step on your tail or sumthin'?"

/"Ow!" Todd's fingers fumbled on Kurt's belt.

"What, what?!" He leaned back and ran panicked eyes over the boy before him. Kurt fought back a wince.

"Nothing. You kneeled on my tail, is all." The injured appendage whipped irritatedly behind him for a moment./

Finding himself locked in place by a dark gaze wasn't what Todd expected. Neither was what lurked in that glare. It drove him back, involuntarily, made him cringe and shy away. "Dude, what happen'd to you?"

Pain, then anger. Kurt leapt to his feet with a grace only an acrobat could possess, stalked away. Todd surprised himself by scrambling to keep up.

/Frustrated curses danced around the school's basement. Todd's attempts at extricating his companion from his uniform were meeting with clumsy failure. Kurt's slim tail finally wrapped around his wrists, preventing his fidgeting long enough for Kurt to peel the top off himself, revealing deep blue fur covering an acrobat's lean build. Todd couldn't help but leer./

"Hey whoa, hang on a minute!"

Kurt rounded on him. "Leave me alone!" he growled. "What is it with you? Must we always be at war? Can we not just leave each other be?" He pushed past, roughly, headed back towards the front of the school. Something pulled at Todd's stomach; before he realized what he was doing his fingers were wrapped around Kurt's upper arm. The muscles beneath his hand tensed, indicating a strength beyond the boy's appearance.

/With legs perfect for the job, Todd pounced, bringing Kurt to the floor and rolling them both over and over with the momentum. Wiry, inhumanly strong limbs wrestled and entwined, and when they came to a dragging stop Todd was on top, hands on either side of Kurt's head and eyes trapped by his golden gaze. The two were covered with dust./

With a frustrated cry, somewhere between a feral growl and a wounded scream, Kurt wrenched his arm free. "I have done nothing to you! Why do you do this?" His eyes flashed, and recognition hit Todd hard. He'd seen that look before, more than enough times as his sanity was concerned.

"She dumped you." Kurt started, his jaw dropping with an audible gasp.

"How did you-"

"Takes one to know one," he shrugged, frowned at the dirt he had begun to dig the toe of his shoe into. "She dumped you for someone better. Someone good lookin' and not covered in fur. Someone none of her friends or her parents could complain about. Someone normal." He gave Kurt a pointed stare. "Someone not like you."

/Those golden eyes stared up at him, curious and glazed with anticipation. He was fascinated by Kurt's lips, drawn closer with every warm breath that escaped them. The whispers of air were addicting, improved only by their sudden absence as he captured those lips with his own. As the kiss became deeper, more urgent, the only thing Todd could think was, 'Her loss, my gain.'/

Kurt sank to the ground, his head dropping roughly onto his arms. Everything was quiet, but his shoulders rocked every few sconds. Uncertain, Todd darted a fervent gaze around him, but the grounds were empty. They were alone.

Kneeling, he placed a tentative arm around Kurt's shoulders, leaned in, and absently noticed how soft the blue fur really was.

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