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"The Matrix is tellin' my brain this is turkey jerky!"

Michael, one of my favorite co-workers, gave me his PSM magazine with a full four page spread about LEGACY OF KAIN: DEFIANCE!!! HOT DAMN!!! Many scans will be forthcoming.

And Jason, another favorite coworker, the wonderful guy who's keeping Dahlia for me, gave me a CD with TONS of Nintendo, SNES, Gameboy, and Sega games, with emulators. For the first time since childhood I played Bubble Bobble, Marble Madness, several Castlevanias, Jurassic Park, and more! And my brother Tim, well, he's the happiest little bastard in the world right now XD.

Bridgie and I are finally, really getting into this comic. I can't believe that for the first time all my desire to write fanfic is preempted by interest in something that I helped create. Tis a wonderful feeling. Thanks, babeh, for helping it happen ^_^. [LOVE!]

One final thing, fic rec! The only decent Soul Reaver crossover fic I've ever seen. Hell, one of the only decent SR fics period. Anybody else knows some good SR fics, especially crossovers, send em along please?

Nighty night now.

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