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Which Soul Reaver Character are you?

And I didn't even cheat XD.

I've barely started Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Does anyone else find it amusing that Uncle Asshole's terrified of anyone finding out what Harry is, and yet he's perfectly happy telling people he's an 'Incurably Criminal Boy'? WTF?


[munches Baskin Robbins X-Mint, turns on Chasing Amy, and stares at Bridgie*Kurt, drooling]

"I'll trace a chalk line around your dead fucking body!!!"

"What's a nubian?"

"How bad could it have been?"
"Well have you ever seen a nun call a small child a fucking cunt-rag?"

"Read between the lines, bitch."

"You've got a weird thing for Canadian melodrama."
"I've got a weird thing for girls that say 'aboot'."

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