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Wolf Furry
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Another couple of movies for the list: The Incredibles, Pixar's release next fall, and Brother Bear, Disney's animated for this summer. Yes, I'm a Disney freak still. Wanna make summin' of it?

Saw tons more stuff on the Silent Hill 3 demo. OH MY TALLEST!!!! Short things with legs and sharp, short tails, and NO HEAD, just a clubbing appendage they use to, well, club you with. I call them Stumpies. These THINGs which I don't really know how to describe...they're like two vaguely torso-shaped pieces, end to end to form an almost ball shape that rotates around quickly, hovering on long sharp, spiderish legs. Like Zim's spider legs. And they're fast, DAMN they're creepy!! Their static is frightening, even, even more unnerving than most. After running into those in the amusement park Tim started up some stairs. The static kept getting louder and louder, hideous growling echoed out of the pitch black around him, screeching that sounded like some monstrous bird swooping at you, and yet nothing actually came into view. It was TERRIFYING O_O. Perhaps one of my favorite scenes of all Silent Hill, at least actual gameplay-wise. It was just really, really effective. Then, while I napped, Tim found some monstrously fat guys and, uh...something else I forgot about O_o. I NEED THE REST!!!

Nightcrawler's hanging from the back of my laptop screen. HOW CUTE ^_^. Sometimes having Tim around's not such a bad thing [snicker].

Finally got to rent HP: Prisoner of Azkaban, yay! So curious about Sirius Black, there's so much bloody fic about him O_o.

Speaking of fic, Bridgie's got me seriously contemplating writing some View Askewniverse fic XD. Maybe some Loki/Bartleby or Dante/Randall, or especially Banky/Hooper. I dun think I've got the skill to pull off their dialogue, but we'll see. And I joined one of CLM's sister communities, temps_mort so I'll try to fill my quota with Soul Reaver and maybe even Trigun fics. Oh, and I'm thinking of some Evo Toad/Kurt even O_O. So many fics XD. None of which I'll probably do justice, but oh well.

Oh my gosh! [bows to Bryan] Thank you!! THANK YOU!!! [weeps copiously] [wanders around] VASH THE STAMPEDE COAT?!!! AAAAAAAAAAH!!! [dies]

[revives and goes to mention coats from Dante, Blade, Lin, the chick on Underworld, and, at Bridgie's suggestion, Silent Bob, on their suggestions page]

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