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Go baby, go go...

Movies I WILL see this summer/fall: <- The Underworld, the poster of which I saw while going to see Matrix tonight. FUCKING COOL. I WANT THAT COAT, damn it. Vampires fighting werewolves (Lycans) in a great Gothic metropolis, and a beautiful young vamp falls in love with a werewolf. Mm, Romeo and Juliet style. In theaters 9/19/03. <- Hellboy, just because it's based on a comic, heh. Hm, that's NEXT summer. Oh well. <- LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN!! From what I've heard this comic rocks ass, and having read Moore's Watchmen I can believe every word of that. And with Sean Connery and all the great scenes in the previews, I have HIGH hopes for the movie, oh yes. Just hearing Connery say "That was naughty." makes the whole movie worth it to me XD. When the hell is this coming out?!

Pirates of the Carribean. Knowing it's Disney live-action is enough to make me cringe, but it's got Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Geoffrey Rush (or is it John Malkovich?) Either way that guarantees that at least the acting will be good, if nothing else is. And the previews DO look cool.

Haunted Mansion. Just for the hell of it. Though I have no idea when it's coming out, heh. It's probably gonna suck, but oh well.

Constantine, whenever that happens to come out, could be another few years for all I know. My knowledge of the character of John Constantine is limited to one issue with him in Sandman (that was him, right?) but DAMN he was cool in that one issue. So, definitely seeing this.

Speaking of Sandman, when's Death: The High Cost of Living coming out?! I've been hearing rumors about this movie for a while now, and DAMN IT I'm sick of waiting O_O. I'm dying to see this!

Van Helsing. I know absolutely nothing about it but that Hugh Jackman plays Van Helsing, has long hair, and gets to kill monsters. I am so there.

Fatal Frame, whenever this is. I KNOW Fox (I'm pretty sure it was Fox) optioned the rights for the movie, it was announced on E! many many moons ago. And this could be THE scariest movie in existence if done right! And yet I haven't heard hide or hair of this thing since then. And WHY has no one tried making a SILENT HILL MOVIE for crying out loud!!!

There are many more in the next few years, mainly sequels like Spider-Man and, FAR more important, X-Men 3. I just can't remember the rest of them right now O_o.

Speaking of Silent brother's been playing a demo of 3 that I rented at work. OH...MY...GOSH. This game is going to be...SO...FUCKING...SCARY!!!! It starts out in a FUCKED UP amusement park. There are things in cages you can't see, but that the girl says look human and whose skin seems to be CRAWLING with blood-red color. I mean crawling, literally, like the color is moving on the skin. There are still, giant mascot-costume bunnies...with BLOOD covering their mouths and the fronts of their overalls. ph33r THE BUNNIES!!!! You kill a dog that's head OPENS, VERTICALLY, and a giant THING, like half again as tall as you are, with huge club arms and that freaky Thirteen-Ghosts style movement that Silent Hill perfected, in the featureless face. THEN you go to a MALL!! A MALL!!! Of the scariest places you can think of, an empty skool, an empty hospital, an empty amusement park, and an empty mall probably rank right up there. Silent Hill will now have ALL OF THEM. I'm looking forward to that thing almost as much as Legacy of Kain: Defiance. There was another decent game called Amplitude as well. How can you not like a game with Blink 182 and Weezer?

Ahem. Saw the Matrix tonight. It sucked up until they went back into the Matrix and Neo started kicking ass all over the place. The Burly Brawl was cool, as were Neo's flying scenes. Wish I could do that. Want his coat too.

Okay, I'm done.

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