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Nice stops at midnight. -Bill Engvall

The Yaoi Selector: Which Uke are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

So now I have Reaver Raziel and X2 Nightcrawler, with oh-so-neat church backdrop. I can be happy with my action figure collection now, aaah.

Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie is SO DAMN FUNNY. And you don't have to be a 'south'rnr' to enjoy it. You just have to like laughing at southerners [snicker]. I can laugh because I live in Memphis and see this stuff every bloody day. O_o

Best parts: the 'analogy' moment with Foxworthy's followup ("I dun care who ya' are..."), the rest of the 'Here's Your Sign' and 'Might Be a Redneck' stuff, oh, and Engvall's HILARIOUS comment on his daughter's Goth friend. RENT IT....

Anybody heard any new news about Chester Bennington's condition? [prays]

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