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Title: Complements
Rating: PG?
Soul Reaver: Legacy of Kain
Pairing: implied Kain/Raziel [evil grin]
Disclaimer: Eidos, Crystal Dynamics, and probably other people own them. I dun. Though I do own a Reaver Raziel action figure [huggle]
Notes: Written for this week's contrelamontre challenge, complementary colors in 90 minutes. Used, approximately all 90 minutes, in two sittings. With Legacy of Kain: Defiance coming out this fall [victory dance] I've been playing SR2 again and falling in love with everyone's favorite twice-dead vamp all over again. Plus there's not enough SR slash, so....

His fledgling would never admit it, he knew. How well they complemented each other. How their overwhelming tempers were all the more beautiful for the fact that they turned now against one another. What perverse pleasure he'd derived from their first reunion, the subsequent encounters filled with rage and righteous indignation, old wounds to a pride grown far too large and a stinging betrayal still fresh after a millenia of oblivion.

The danger grew. His renewed fascination with his prodigal offspring was becoming more difficult to hide, the danger being that he cared not, and he did not fear. In times such as these, with the pain and confusion reducing Raziel's ancient voice to that of the fledgling he still was, he always wondered that the insatiable hunger wasn't visible in his gold eyes, didn't carry on his very scent and scream through the tense muscles of too-curved back and tightly crossed arms.

Perhaps the boy was merely beyond seeing such things. The first death was always mind-shattering. A second, well, he imagined that would be something beyond the comprehension of one's own mind. What such an event could do to a sane being...but then the boy had never truly been sane, any moreso than the rest of Kain's brood. He relished what was to come, the secrets Raziel would uncover of his own past. His delusions about his former 'glory' as a Sarafan would have been a marvelous joke, the greatest of all cosmic ironies, matched only by that fate played on Kain himself.

Yet they disgusted him. The pup yearned for a humanity he had never truly possessed, that was perhaps more evident now that he was twice removed from that which made him human, that which made him alive and...fresh. Cosmic irony indeed. Strange, that it could be so perversely humorous and yet not amuse him.

He must be slipping, in his advanced age.

"Answer me, old man." Briefly he wondered whether that voice would ever be turned to him with something other than hate.

"You seek answers, and yet what would you do were I to give them to you?" he smirked, cold, while letting his amusement shine in his eyes. "I could answer you as plainly as that accursed sun which mars the landscape, and I would receive nothing more than stubborn disbelief. You long ago decided whether to trust me, Raziel."

He looked away, a momentary flinch unnoticeable to anyone but his maker. "And can you blame me, Kain?" The slighest hint of petulance clouded his voice; still such a child, angered at being caught in his own lies, feebly attempting to take it out on his captor.

Kain allowed a chuckle to rumble through his chest. "Still holding such a petty grudge."

"Petty?!" In an instant Kain's back was pressed against the chill stone behind him, thick claws pressing ever more chill against his throat. "Is murder petty? And for such a cause, to soothe your ruffled pride at the thought that someone might surpass you someday? No mind that the someone should've been your heir, looked on you as a father and-"

"A father? Or something else, something more...intimate." The word dripped like sweet poison from his tongue. The boy faltered, empty eyes growing impossibly huge, stark white against the thick black surrounding them. The claws fell away from his neck, infinitely slow. Twisting away, a growl that was almost a sob followed Raziel across the crumbling chamber they were in. Arms crossed and cloven feet clicking in frustrated rhythms on the cobbled floor, for a few moments he paced the opposite wall. Torches on either side highlighted his decayed skin, flickering orange flame accenting rich, pale blues and sapphire shadows.

Kain watched, pale, yellowed lips curved in a cruel mockery of a smile.

"Did it never occur to you, Raziel..." gliding, silent steps. Kain laid a gauntleted hand on the boy's arm, reveled in the obscene audacity and the explosion of emotion on his face, in the eyes that were empty and still more expressive than any he had had the pleasure to admire. Eyes that had once looked upon him with such...

Against Kain's blood-tan claws, the worn orange leather, the boy's emaciated turquoise skin appeared fresh and living. A feral growl, and the arm was wrenched brusquely from his grasp. Another smile. "Did it never occur to you that I might have known exactly what I was doing? That I knew what you'd become, knew the necessity of your 'divine resurrection'."

"No!" The word sliced the still air of the ancient chamber before Kain's lips had stilled. The boy's brows furrowed, rage screaming from his tightly muscled form, yet doubt tinged his now-rasping voice. "You are no Time Streamer, Kain, you couldn't possibly-"

Claws brushed against his lank ebony hair, his sharply pointed ears, and he fell silent, disembodied voice fleeing him.

With a smirk, Kain vanished, carrying a vision of need-filled, black-rimmed eyes and a gasp of frustration with him.

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