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[dances frantically] Bridgie gave meh a icon!!!! YAY!! I love it so much! THANKEW BRIDGIE!!! [GLOMP]

We talked till 3:30 last night! Then I slept until 5 am (a whole 1 and a half hours, whoo!), then I came into work at six and spent 8 FULL HOURS on my feet, moving huge stacks of DVDs and VHS, working with mah boss and a manager from another store to combine our DVD New Releases with our VHS New Releases, all of which together used to take up our entire wall, all the way around the store. 8 FREAKING HOURS! WHOOOOO!!!! Then I came home and died until being revive-ed at about 10, and coming online. I go back to bed now :P.

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