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THANK YOU GOD!!!!! Jason's agreed to keep Dahlia for a while!!! I don't have to sell her to a pet store oh my sweet tap-dancing Tallest!!! You have no idea how hard it is to find a temporary home for a snake, especially one as big as a ball python, despite the fact that they live in locked fish tanks and require NO maintenance whatsoever. Damn people and their phobias about those of the serpentine persuasion. But all my agonizing is finally come to and end for now, she should have a place to stay tomorrow. [wipes away a happy tear]

In other news, I ordered the X-Men Evolution TPB from Barnes and Noble today. Should be here in three days, huzzah!! NAKED KURT PICS XD. Pic, anyway. Mmmmm....sweet art too, almost manga-ish.

Bridgie!! I got you something else today, just a little tidbit from work, but I think you'll like it. I'll send it with the ring. Oh, and THANK YOU for that pic of Alan Cumming....O_O what I wouldn't give to go see Cabaret now XD. Why don't more guys wear makeup, tis sexeh, heh.

This CLM challenge is coooooool O_O. And I think I may have a suitable story to write for it. Hm...

[breathes INTENSE SIGH OF RELIEF and wanders off to read LJ posts]

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