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OMT!!!! XD

OMG X2 RAWKED HARDER THAN ANYTHING IN A LONG TIME!!!! Aside from LotR, and HP if it comes out this year, that will be the BEST movie of the year. Fook the Matrix XD.

NIGHTCRAWLER!!! I shall read Nightcrawler fiction now, and look for someone to slash him with O_o. [PSAG!] That's saying something, even LotR didn't force ficcage out of me, but I think this might, as I've loved Nightcrawler since I was a little burrito. I think fanfiction will definitely be forthcoming...if only I can come up with some ideas...and WHO can I slash my beloved Kurt with....Logan/Kurt OMG XD. [snicker] I'll figure something out.

[GLOMP TACKLES Zim and Dib] Don't think I've forgotten about you two!! Never gonna happen ^_^. You don't get out of the bondage that easily, oh no!!! [licks lips]

Poor Bridgie was sick! But now she's not, yay!! ^_^ [GLOMP HUGS!!!]

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