Crimson Obsession
homo sum; humani nihil mihi alienum est
Title: Nobody's Listening Author: Crimson Obsession, a'course Fandom:… 
28th-Apr-2003 02:45 am
[Phoenix] X-Files Edgeworth.
Title: Nobody's Listening
Author: Crimson Obsession, a'course
Fandom: Invader Zim (the only thing I seem capable of writing)
Pairing: Zim/Dib
Summary: Dib reflects on winning one war and losing another.
Disclaimer: They belong to Jhonen, whom I love more than life itself. Oh, and Nick is involved somewhere, damn them.
Feedback: Please ^_^.
Notes: More horrible awful stuff! If possible this is even shorter and more badly written than the last few challenges I've done. Written for the soundtrack challenge, to a strange combination of the chorus of Nobody's Listening and the music of Breaking the Habit O_o. Both are by Linkin Park, best band in existence, from the album Meteora.

His stomach jumps, his mind flutters between wanting to spit at the sight and wanting to cry. The blue orb visible through the massive window is too beautiful. It hurts, making him remove his thick black-rimmed glasses and wipe furiously at his eyes. His fist comes away wet.

If anyone had cared, or paid attention, they would've seen this coming. But he didn't, the possibility had never even occured to him. In his mind the battle would have always raged on, with him and Zim trying to thwart each other at every turn. That he and Zim might become something other than enemies was an impossible future, and that he would be where he was now, even less likely.

Nobody did care, and fewer paid attention. It should've been obvious, though, for that exact reason. Even the most dedicated of heroes can only struggle on their own strength for so long. Without support, without constant reaffirmation of what they're struggling for, a hero will fail.

And Dib thought himself far less than a hero.

He had given it all up. Let go of the good fight. He had won one battle and lost another...

Earth captivated him. Clouds swirled along the surface, breaking the sapphire and emerald into some futuristic 31 Flavors of ice cream. Planetary ripple. Peace tried so hard to fill him. Beauty floated in the midst of the void right before his eyes, yet he couldn't stop his mind from fixating on the chaos he'd found on its surface.

The world was safe. He'd accomplished that much, at least, though the means were entirely unexpected for both parties. A grin crept along the edge of his pale lips; he thought about his new companion, shouting orders at his insane robot as they prepared to leave. Yes, he'd won that battle, hands down, no contest, and our winner for today is none other than Dib! And vice-versa, really, Zim had won Dib in the process. There were no regrets when it came to that aspect of the war.

No, those began when humanity came into play. He had saved the humans, and had given up on them. Their stupidity, their numbness, their overwhelming malice were all that he could see when around them. Too blind to see the alien right in front of their noses, they went on about their purposefully meaningless lives. Their taunts still echoed in his ears, and he knew they'd be there for the rest of his life. He'd saved their bodies, but gave up on their minds.

"Dib-monkey? It's time."

He plastered a smile on his face, hoping Zim's cluelessness when it comes to human emotion would keep him from noticing the blatant pain lurking in his eyes. "Who're you calling monkey, space-boy?"

With one last longing glance, he turned his back on the Earth.
28th-Apr-2003 09:26 am (UTC)
Me like. *_* Like muchly. Of course, I'm a sucker for the Zim/Dib leave Earth together scenario... (gee, as if it wasn't obvious...)
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