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Nny/Other Serial Killers crossover fic...Huzzah!

Donnie rushed out of the car. “Carrie! I was so afraid for you!”

“Dear God!” Screamed someone in the car. “We’re really burning in here!”

“I’m all right, really.” Carrie replied.

“Thank God no one was hurt.” Donnie breathed.

“Help! Somebody help, we can probably still survive if we geet medical attention, fast!”

Donnie looked somber. “Carrie... it hurts to say this but... when I saw that car headed to you, it brought up so many painful memories.”

“Oh, thank goodness, this nice skinny man will help us to- Oh God, he’s stabbing us! Help! Help!”

“What are you trying to say?” Carrie asked, her eyes fearful.

“I like you, but... well, I don’t know if love is right for me.” Carrie’s eyes went wide and her breathing quickened. “I have too many problems as it is. And my girlfriends have a habit of dying, I don’t want that to happen to you.”

“Why is no one stopping this?! Dear Lord, my organs!! Aaa... aa.. ergh...”

BWAHAHAHAAAA!!! Read this fic! Tis by CryingChild, on FFN under the Crossovers section. Just updated so it should be on the Just In page for crossovers, new chapters. TIS FUNNY!!!

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