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So... Hello everybody! Long time no see, amirite? Now that life seems like it's starting to (maybe possibly) get less insane, I thought it was about time to make my triumphant return to my LJ...which I apparently haven't used since June 2009. L-lol. Plurk is still likely to be my main haunt (despite the fact that I'm too verbose to use it correctly), but I'll try to keep an eye on my friends here and do a bit of commenting around.

As for our life to date, there has been way too much going on to detail, but I'll try to recap the best stuff:

*Idgie and I are still very much in love~ SURPRISING, NO? What may be surprising is that we're also engaged. It seems we kind of...neglected to mention that here. >_> Idgie proposed to me on New Year's Eve, right after the fireworks at Disneyland, which we watched from our room in the Disneyland Hotel. The proposal was derpy and absolutely perfect, and it was our best New Year's Eve ever. We haven't made any concrete plans yet (or told her family or some members of mine). We won't be doing anything until after we're out on our own, but needless to say, we were ecstatic when the judge shot down Prop 8. X3

*Speaking of being out on our own, Idgie's family still needs our help around the house, so we're planning to hang around until Jan 2012, at which point we'll hopefully find a great condo to move into and go nuts decorating.

*Until then, we're redecorating our room. I'll post some pictures later, and we'll have lots of pics once it's all put together. Idgie's mom is also going to be putting a shower in our ridiculously designed bathroom, so I'll be able to start going in to work a lot earlier and hopefully stop complaining about the fucking traffic. 8D

*My MINI is still love. ♥

*Speaking of the MINI, my guy had his first accident a few months back. A motorcyclist tried to squeeze between him and another car and misjudged the space. 8| Thankfully the damage was minor and easily repaired.

*Which was great, because just a week after the repair was finished, we filled the MINI to the brim and drove it all the way to Canada! We visited seireiishtar in Washington along the way, and met up with chichiri_no_da and miko_no_da in Vancouver. From there we went to Victoria for several days of shopping, eating, ghost touring, and whale watching. All in all, they were two of the most amazing weeks of my life, and getting to finally meet such wonderful people in person was even better than the scenery. Also, we totally want to move to Canada someday. >_>

*New toys~ My old Dell finally succumbed to a nasty virus, so I replaced it with an unbelievable Studio XPS with the biggest HD widescreen monitor I've ever seen. Idgie and I also had to replace our phones when our Sidekick LX 2009s turned out to be crap and T-Mobile's signal deteriorated to the point where we couldn't use our phones at work or home...or anywhere else, for that matter. As soon as we canceled with them, T-Mobile's wonderful customer service turned into a special agent of hell, but Verizon so far has been amazing, and the Droid X is so good I often neglect my computer in favor of it. >_>

*My random is still Phoenix Wright/Ace Attorney, with DDD running a close second. I'm on the fourth case of Investigations, stoned about the planned sequel, and someday I will get around to playing Apollo Justice.

*TMI WARNING. My body seems to have shifted from physical PMS symptoms to mental ones. I don't have debilitating cramps anymore, but I spend the days leading up to most of my (increasingly frequent) periods sobbing uncontrollably over mostly trifling details. Almost worse, I lose all drive to do anything, especially writing and RP, which leads me down a shame spiral of insecurity, guilt, and woe. So that's fun. On the plus side, I've recently discovered one of the greatest inventions known to womankind, the menstrual cup. I don't think I've ever been more in touch with my own body before.

*The great American novel! I may finally have an original idea that's worth turning into a full novel. It's in the early planning stages for now, but I'll probably be looking for betas once I'm confident enough in the material to not wilt and scrap the idea at the first hint of criticism. >_>;;; I also need people to nag the hell out of me and make sure I'm writing on it. Any takers?

*Tattoos! I'm planning for my next two/three. The next will be two different lines from two different songs, one down each of my sides. The right will say "the sacred simplicity of you at my side" and the left will say 'love is our resistance.' After that I'll be going to Kat von D to get a tattoo of Gaiman's Death. :3

I think that's everything. So...what have I missed?

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