Dominating Crimson (crimsonobsessor) wrote,
Dominating Crimson

Time to spread some holiday cheer~

SO. Idgie had the brilliant idea of sending out holiday cards this year (the boxes of cards we passed in Target last night were apparently too adorable to resist) soooooo. ANYONE WHO WANTS A HOLIDAY CARD, COMMENT HERE WITH YOUR MAILING ADDRESS. All comments are screened, so as long as you don't mind us knowing where you live (mwahahahahahaha!) you're safe here. Oh, and Idgie's already made a post to collect addresses, so if you commented there you, uh, don't need to comment here. XD

Must go get dressed now. We're on the way out to get the Christmas tree (fuck why more decorating? WHY?) and hopefully we'll be able to convince Nicki to stop at Starbucks on the way home for a Caramel Spice Hot Apple Cider, my new drug of choice now that Idgie gave me her cold.

For anyone wondering where I am, Plurk's kind of eaten what little free time I have. UP TO THE MINUTE INFORMATION on my comings and goings can be found there. Maybe one of these days I'll have time to actually journal instead of decorating for the holidays rargh.
Tags: christmas, holidays, plurk, sick, starbucks

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