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I've been plagiarised!! Hot damn!!! XD

I can't thank dibmonster enough for catching this jerk in the act. I probably would never have noticed it otherwise, as the quality of the summary would've put me right off of reading it. You is mah hero ^_^.

[My Review, posted to FFN]

First of all I'm supremely touched that you guys would be so outraged for my sake. It feels good to know you like the fics that much ^_^. Especially you Lurker, you're going above and beyond the call!! If I didn't already worship your fics, I'd worship you anyway simply for this ^_^. Dude, email me sometime and I'll give you my screename, with as often as we keep bumping into each other we might as well be talking on a more regular basis XD.

And as for you, Senor Saiyan (Funimation will, and probably already has, rotted your mind)...I would be infuriated and apalled by this behavior...if it weren't so pathetic.

Could you possibly explain to me the motivation behind it? I would assume you would steal someone's work because your self esteem is so low you require the praise of others to bolster it. But you apparently don't feel yourself capable of writing something that's going to get said praise, so you resort to exploiting someone else's hard work.

Yet how can reviews for a work which isn't even yours do anything for your malnourished ego? What is the point in a reputation that you didn't build?

Your attempt to bloat your ego by exploiting someone else's hard work (and it was hard, make no mistake about that. I agonized over that fic for probably 6 months, worried feverishly over the course it was going to have to take, and even wept over certain events that would take place) has failed. Perhaps as soon as tomorrow this should be removed. As far as I can see chapter two is already down, chapter one should follow soon. Hopefully you'll have learned a lesson from this. Thank you for playing our game and have a nice day. [sics Minimoose on Saiyan, sits back with a bowl of popcorn and some Lik-M-Aid]

[Others' Reviews]

JPT 2003-04-19 1 Anonymous
I'd just like to say that you are a disapointment of a human being. It takes a special breed of slimy, self-serving loser to steal someone else's hard work in an attempt to win fame, but it takes an even dumber kind of genetic mistake to think that you could post this on FFN and not be revealed as the plagiarizing waste of carbon molecules that you are. So, congratulations on your new status as being a member of the elite top .001 percent of assholes. Your mother cries when she says your name.
Tyoria 2003-04-18 1 Signed
This has to be a joke -- I absolutely can not believe anybody'd be this blatant. You know CrimsonObsession posts here regularly, right?
J. Random Lurker 2003-04-18 1 Signed
YOU ARE A PLAGARIST. This story was written by Crimson Obsession a LONG time ago and has been available on her website for MONTHS.

You didn't even have the GUTS to change the text, you just copied it over VERBATIM and pretended it was yours!

Abuse report HAS been filed. You're going DOWN, plagarist!

To those of you who read this story, I STRONGLY encourage you to read THE ORIGINAL WORK and give due credit to the ORIGINAL AUTHOR- CRIMSON OBSESSION. This excellent story can be found at HER website:

I sent another abuse report to FFN, detailing the nearly half-dozen sites the original fic is currently on, including FFN, and the contest it won a couple months ago. Think that's enough evidence? Heh.

If it wasn't so utterly pathetic I'd be pissed. Hey, at least it means someone thinks my art is so good it's worth stealing XD. High praise indeed, heh.

In other news, who's sexshier? Me or the sexy little vixen of a vampire Bridgie just drew for our joint comic project? XD


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