Dominating Crimson (crimsonobsessor) wrote,
Dominating Crimson

A few random things.

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today! Click mah dragons?

In case you guys absolutely have to know what I'm doing every waking moment, here's my link for Plurk. So far I'm getting a lot of use out of it, but who knows how long that will last. :D Once it's not shiny and new I may forget to use it, but it seems really useful so maybe...

I'll be trying out the mobile site on my phone while we're out (apparently they either don't support my phone or don't have that feature working right now but they do have a mobile version of the site). And this kind of thing is pointless without friends so you guys need to go sign up and let me know you're there. :| If you join use my link please so I can get Karma points? :Db At least I think that's how it works. /fail pimpage

Soon as I'm not being so busy that I'm just lazy, I will post picspam of my short hair, my pretty new plugs, and our awesome Halloween decorations. Yays! For now we're about to go eat brunch/lunch at Po-Folks with Idgie's mom and our friends Bryan and Manda, who've been over all weekend. ...We didn't get to watch spooky stuff while they were here. ;_;
Tags: dragons, plurk

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