Dominating Crimson (crimsonobsessor) wrote,
Dominating Crimson

Meme and picspam, hooray for having nothing useful to post!

Meant to post this yesterday but I wanted to put up a picspam with it.


My cubicle at work. Not entirely sure I haven't posted these before, but I looked back through my recent entries and didn't see them soooo...

The door. Note the fanart on the outer wall. >_>;;;

To the right side. Stitch!

A little further in. Lots of Game Informer magazines, some Neil Gaiman, Jon Stewart and the Daily Show, a gay sci-fi short story anthology...

And lots of gay art on the walls. And on the computer. ♥

More gay art.

Whiteboard with Japanese lessons and music selections and such.

Cat macros. Lots and lots of cat macros. And a big 3D Gargoyle from Halloween last year that was too cool to ever take down.

Thanks to SkinIt my Zune mp4 player is now gay.

Really, REALLY gay.

Target has some pretty awesome Halloween stuff this year. I ended up buying the skull and crossbones shaker.

And I'm kind of tempted to go back for some of the other stuff.

But THIS really put me in the Halloween spirit. WTF DOMO-KUN AT TARGET? O_o


I'm still thinking I might have posted this one too, but I can't find it. Anyway, one morning I went out to my car and found this spider-web stretched from the driver's side side-view mirror to the middle of my car, and all the way to the asphalt. That huge spider was sitting right in the middle of it. Trippy.

Neil during the Q&A.

Neil mousepad!

Scary trousers!

Snazzy new plugs.

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