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...Cranberry/Pomegranate juice really IS disgusting. Even for someone addicted to cranberry juice. O_o

After about two years, I've finally decided (on a whim, whee) to gauge my lobes again. My left ear has been stinging very slightly since last night, which is odd because my right is the one I thought would have issues stretching any further (I was a very impatient girl when I stretched to my 00 a few years ago, and kind of fucked up my lobes :Db). Please to be forgiving the late-night just-before-bed pictures.

I get to go see Neil Gaiman in those lol.

Also, do you want to see what $150 looks like?

I'm poor now, but it was so worth it. And fuck did I ever need them.

I get to wake up in about 4 hours to go into work supah early so I can come home supah early so we can GO supah early and hopefully get there before the entire event is filled up. I'm bringing my copies of Stardust (a much-loved and much used copy) and Absolute Sandman Vol. 1, and buying a pre-signed copy of The Graveyard Book while I'm there. SO FUCKING EXCITED OMG.
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