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I can has happy things?

After a trip to Best Buy and BevMo today I have wine, cheese, and pistachios, I have a new (pink!) Bluetooth headset, we have a new phone for the room, and I have a ton of RP tags to play with. Life is good. ♥

We ended up going with the recommendations of the BevMo guy (though we browsed a bit for the Wine Spectator points of some of the other bottles) and got two bottles of a zinfandel called Zynthesis and two of a Syrah called... Hanes Estate, I think? I'm finishing off the last glass of the bottle we had this weekend (can't remember what Idgie's brother called it) and the difference in Idgie's glass and mine is REALLY drastic. XD

...Why is it so much fun to swirl the wine around in the glass? >_>;;;
Tags: alcohol, ddd, rp, wine

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