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I can has earthquake?

HOMG SHE'S POSTING IN HER JOURNAL. Yeah, I'm not dead. Sorry for my fail in keeping up with anything not RP related guys, srsly.

So as Idgie already mentioned, I just got to experience my first decent-sized quake, which is worth commemorating with a Livejournal post. It was a 5.4 in Chino Hills, which is...about 10 miles from my offices, I think, and about 5 from Idgie's office. It lasted maybe...I dunno, 30 or 45 seconds, maybe a minute tops. It wasn't a rolling quake (which is apparently different from a shaking quake, who knew?) and where I was it seemed like a pretty steady intensity throughout, with just a few little spikes while it was tapering off.

I went by the break room as soon as it was over and the drawers were hanging open a bit, and one of the grids over the ceiling lights was hanging down, heh. What little stuff I had on my cubicle walls was all over my desk, and I heard some people got their monitors broken when things fell on them. They had us all go out to the parking lot after, and we stood around trying to get signal (every cell service seemed to be down, and T-Mo was spotty for at least an hour after) until they did head counts and then told us to stay out of the building until 2. I sat in my car for a while trying to contact my family and planning with Idgie...

Long story short, I was home about 4 hours early enjoying some sushi with Idgie, and I don't have to go back. :D So for everyone waiting, there WILL be tags later!! Soon as I relax a little and we help Idgie's mom put her closet together. (She just had her closet remade so we were going to put everything back in it this weekend but didn't get a chance. What a lucky coincidence!) Luckily hardly any of our stuff fell, though we had a tiny casualty with Idgie's NBC snow globe and her mom lost a few pieces of her fine china and crystal wine glasses. :/ Oops, closet tiem. Later!

Is it absolutely pathetic that one of the first things BOTH of us thought of after making sure everyone was okay, was 'Hey, we should totally see if the other PW peeps want to do a major earthquake plot at some point!' >_>;;
Tags: the earth she done quaketh!
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