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Okay, one more MINI picspam...

Finally got my MINI decorated the way I want it, so a last little batch of pictures. My poor car is very dirty right now, so ignore that. I don't want to go get it washed because I still have to take it back to the dealership to paint the tiny dings on the passenger door, and I'm going to make them clean it because they didn't when I bought the thing. XP

Anyone in the Azusa or LA area looking to buy a MINI or BMW, I wouldn't recommend Assael of Monrovia. Well...the BMW side wasn't so bad, but the Assael side didn't leave me very pleased with the process of buying a car. -_-;;; They left us alone for about 30-45 minutes at a time, up in dude's office. They didn't offer us drinks. They just weren't very friendly or engaging. If they hadn't had the EXACT MINI that I wanted I probably wouldn't have bought from them. Once I did buy from them, they didn't wash the car and they only filled the gas tank halfway. I mean, come on, people!! Someone's spending $30,000 on a car and you can't fill the damn tank?!?! O_o I mean, it costs $40 to fill that tank with Plus. A customer might not notice if you fill the tank up, but they sure as hell are gonna notice if you're a cheap-ass and only fill it halfway. What kind of customer service is that? I'm glad I got the maintenance plan too, or I'd have to buy new windshield wipers already because the ones on there now are crap. I'm half expecting them to be stupid about replacing them too, considering the service they've shown so far.

But ANYWAY, none of it matters in the long run because I have a MINI and it is awesome.

Hells yes. I got all of these from a little custom signs and decals shop in the Brea Mall.

Who's that on my driver's-side rear window?

Edgeworth objects to your non-MINI car!!

And on the passenger side? Well duh...

My car is now officially AWESOME.

And just for fun...normal-sized parking space...TINY LITTLE CAR. ♥

Also, my GIR antenna topper is gone. ;_____; I've had that topper since years before I actually had a car to put it on, and it stayed on my Neon for two years! I don't know whether it just fell off or someone took it, for who knows what reason. It makes me very sad though. :( Now I need a new topper. But my GIR one was so cute. [sniffle]

Edit: We also bought things when we went to the mall today. Death Note Vol. 2, Death Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Case, and Death Note DVD Volume 1. I blame our DN players at DDD for being so damn awesome. ♥
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