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Crimson Obsession
homo sum; humani nihil mihi alienum est
5th-Dec-2007 08:56 pm
[Phoenix] Mmmmmmm.
hjghurniok SO FUCKING HAPPY.

Ever heard of Celga.com? You find Japanese auctions, they buy the items for you and ship them to you. Awesome deal, and of course when I was pointed in that direction by the player who plays Maraich at DDD, and Maraich-mun was showing me all these gorgeous doujinshi from this one artist http://amechan-otsu.sakura.ne.jp/main.html (all their doujinshis are under 'OFF') I ended up ordering, like, 13 of them. :D

But then I got an email back from Celga saying that all but two had been sold out. D: I mean, I was getting http://img.toranoana.jp/bl_img/04/0010/13/51/040010135119-1.gif at least, which is AWESOME, but the one I REALLY wanted was sold out and that made me a sad panda. ;_;

Then just a few minutes ago I got another invoice from Celga. For an auction. That I won.

http://page18.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/w14167457 JUHIHIUBGHYUJKUL I'M GETTING IT FUCKING YES I'M SO HAPPY!!! That cover alone is worth the $27 I'm paying for it. XD

I need to wait about 3 weeks before I send in the shipping form, though, to give them time to get the title in their warehouse. ;_; Can't wait that long.

In other news, dramadramaduck has EATEN OUR SOULS. We don't really do anything but RP anymore. Even at work I'm just thinking of RP stuff and plotting all day. It's kinda pathetic but I don't care. <333 Also in other news, I finished my Phoenix/Miles WEMO CD Mix. It ended up at 4 CDs with 72 songs. :D I'll be listening to it every second I'm in the car for the next month, mwahaha. I'll be posting it up on narumitsu and the DDD FST communities when I can make myself get up off my ass and zip the songs and organize an actual post about it.

...Heh heh Penix.
6th-Dec-2007 05:00 am (UTC)
heheheheh Penix

I really need to take a break from DDD before I burn myself out. ;-;
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