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Because my brother got me thinking about video games...

I called Timmy while I was at work today (they don't seem to have any problems with people being on the phones while working, as long as they're still doing their work, and I still managed over 200 claims today) and talked to him for his birthday. For an HOUR. And as happens whenever I talk to him, we ended up rambling about video games for almost the entire time. I resisted shoving Phoenix Wright at him too much but we decided it would be okay for me to buy him the first one for his birthday, see if he likes it, and buy the others if he does.

Anyway, every time I think about video games now, I think about how much more awesome Nintendo is than PS3 and X360. Here, have an article. <3

Personally, I think the innovation of the gameplay in the Wii outdoes anything the PS3 and X360 have (not that they're not good, just that they're almost the same damn thing as the last generation of systems with much better graphics, basically) for a fraction of the price, and that I'd take my DS Lite over the PSP any day of the week, because touching is so much more fun than button-mashing. <3
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