November 17th, 2008

[Phoenix] Where is your god now?


So most of you guys have probably already seen this on Idgie's journal, but we nearly got evacuated by the Freeway Complex Fire that's apparently made it onto the national news over the past few days. There were two insanely huge fires in the LA area this weekend, the Sayre fire and this one, which started in Brea (where my office is \o/) and spread toward Chino Hills and Diamond Bar (where we live). Idgie's put up a recap of events here and I have a few pictures from the first day (Saturday) up on my Plurk (which you guys should join if you haven't).

Other than what Idgie's posted and what we've been updating with on our Plurks, there isn't much more to say. We're finally safe now; the evacuees (which came as close as a city block away from our home) were allowed back into their homes early this afternoon. We've spent the last...six hours or so putting everything back in its place.

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Okay, enough rambling. Now our room is nice and clean (and even vacuumed and the bedding is washed!), our CPUs are dust-free, all of our belongings are completely put away, and we're off to pick up a celebratory dessert before going back to Weight Watchers tomorrow. I think we're both going to need a couple days to rest up, but we should be right as rain soon. Even the ash has mostly left the air (I swear we got more ash on our cars the first time I visited, and those fires weren't nearly this close). And I have my Idgie, and all is right with the world. ♥
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