October 28th, 2007

[Phoenix] Happy Halloween!

So very sad...

I just put paid time on the journal samriprosecutor, my Edgeworth journal for dramadramaduck. To make it sound at least not quite so bad, I'll say that Bridgie did it first, and 6 or even 15 icons are NOT enough for an RPing journal, nope, nuh-uh.

I should be ashamed, huh? :(

Pictures of the pumpkin I carved this morning will be forthcoming.
[Phoenix] Winter lovin'.

Eric's Song

Okay, this is SO our Phoenix/Miles ANTHEM. It does not get any closer than this. It's almost scary. One line even says 'Like a phoenix you rise from the ashes', I mean, COME ON. I love Vienna Teng so much.

Eric's Song:Phoenix/Miles::Here We Go:Todd/Kurt

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