October 24th, 2007

[Phoenix] Wright WTF

Ditto to what Bridgie said earlier, I guess...

Okay, I'm sick, we just got T&T so we're both going to be playing that almost non-stop until we finish it, AND what time I have left after that I'll probably spend either writing (if I'm lucky) or RPing at dramadramaduck, if Edgeworth's intro post over there is any indication of how busy they're going to keep me. Good lord, those people are awesome and mob-like. XD I think I'm gonna have SO MUCH FUN over there, seriously. Damn you, zully. Why you gotta make us go do something fun like this! XD

So anyway, I probably won't be around much until at least the weekend. AF, I got your email and I'll send you my answers as soon as I'm done with them! I love answering questions about slash. XD I might not catch up on my friends page until the weekend, either, so if anyone needs a quick response to anything email might be best. crimsonobsession #@# gmail.com, natch?

Aw shit, a certain someone (NOT EDGEWORTH YET [tear]) just showed up in Bridgie's game, but I'm not even remotely close to where she is. My mom called right after we started playing and she kept me on the phone for 45 minutes while Bridgie just kept chugging along. Bitch. (Bridgie, not my mom. ;) Kisskiss Babeh ILU <3<3<3) Dude, Phoenix is such a fucking DOLT in the first case. I THINK I LOVE HIM, the retard!

Oh, for anyone that didn't see Bridgie's posts, we're not near the fires and everything's fine so far. The sky was entirely grey yesterday, but the air was actually breathable today. I think the ash is part of what gave me this cold in the first place, it was covering and inside my car, the house, there was even a layer of ash on my desk in our SEALED OFFICE BUILDING yesterday. The fuck? Not making light of the fires, though, they're causing so much devastation right now. I think everyone I know is safe for now, at least. Hope they'll have the fires under control soon.

I feel like a horrible person for even saying this, but when I turned on my mp3 player at work yesterday, on shuffle, the first song that played was "The Hills of Los Angeles Are Burning" by Bad Religion. WTF?