October 22nd, 2007

[HP] Are you fucking serious?!

RE: Gay Dumbledore and Phoenix Wright

I've been reading all the lovely wank at F_W about gay Dumbledore, and while reading the Fark thread I found reference to the Potter Puppet Pals 'Naked Time!'


I stayed home from work today, because I'm bad, and because I stayed up until, like, 3:30 or 4 last night. So I'm siting here trying to get Court-Records.net to load so I can try to participate in the 'Win a Godot Mug' contest thing they have going on because OMFUCKINGG Trials and Tribulations comes out tomorrow and I'm gonna cry when I finish it I just know it WTH!!!

Oh, and I wrote a Phoenix/Miles drabble, and am about to write another one soon, and will be posting both, along with maybe making an intro post at dramadramaduck tonight. I'm wasting my day home on fandom stuff, yay!
[Phoenix] Mmmmmmm.

Fuck yeah.

I've got TWO drabbles to post. Hells yeah. I can't believe I'm actually writing stuff again. WHOO! [waits for Bridgie to get home and read the second before she posts]


[Phoenix] Mmmmmmm.

Drabbles: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Phoenix/Miles

Okay, I'll be crossposting these to igiari and narumitsu, and the first one I'll post to gyakuten100, even though I missed the deadline, because that's where the original challenge came from. The second one turned out too long to go there. XD These were written in response to last week's challenge, 'Sacrifice'.

Title: Check-Mate
Author: CrimsonObsession
Pairing/Characters: Phoenix/Miles
Word Count: 462
Warning: Nothing but subtext!
Challenge: Written for gyakuten100's 'Sacrifice' challenge, but fell short of the deadline by a day. :(

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Title: Sacrifice
Author: CrimsonObsession
Pairing/Characters: Phoenix/Miles
Word Count: 735
Warning: No spoilers, just sex. YAY. Equivalent to NC-17 Rating.
Challenge: Written for gyakuten100's 'Sacrifice' challenge, but not only did this one miss the deadline, it also ended up a couple hundred words too long for posting there. Sad.

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