October 17th, 2007

[Phoenix] Office sex


Why does the last case of the second game have to be so damn awesome? OFUJUGGGGGGLGH only a few more days until game 3 comes out FUCK YES. I pre-ordered my copy, yes I did, and will be picking it up as soon as I get off work that night, so hopefully I'll get my Phoenix plushie. Did I mention Bridgie bought me the "OBJECTION" pointy finger stylus/wriststrap/screen cleaner combo that came as a pre-order on the second game? I LOVE IT. Anyway, Bridgie decided we should do what we did with Todd and Kurt; namely, get the guys screennames and RP as just IM conversations. XD For the purposes of this, we're assuming that Edgeworth is a closet fanboy and so this is his fanboy screenname, and Phoenix's screenname, well...Maya picked it out for him. Yeah.

This is CRACK that we ad-libbed last night. I don't know what the hell we were doing. XD

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And that's when we went to bed. XD