September 28th, 2007

[Evo] Dancin' like a monkey!


My bento arrived today! HUZZAH!! I've been waiting for it for...seems like three weeks now? It's adorable and came with a cute carrying case that's got insulation to keep it warm/cool, chopsticks in a cute matching holder, and one of the bandana-type things you can fold them in too, can't remember what those're called. Best of all, the top has the company's name printed on it...'LUBE SHEEP!' Doesn't get any better than that!

I also got some fish- and pig-shaped soy sauce bottles, Hello Kitty mayo containers, some pretty bamboo coasters, that plastic grass you use to separate food, two big triangle silicon food cups (purple and pink triangles, how could I resist?) and six small ones in various shapes, a blue treasure chest meant to hold wasabi, a shaper to turn small wieners into penguins, and some wasabi 'furikake' to mix with things like rice and, uh...rice? Yeah, I need to look up some good recipes and do some more research into bento. I'm gonna try to put a little bento together Sunday, to take on Monday. Nothing super fancy, because I don't know what I'm doing yet. :D

-Apparently Apple gave a big ole' FUCK YOU to anyone who tried to hack their iPhone for use with other phone companies. One of their updates caused the hacked phones to become permanently inoperable, and also caused some phones that weren't even hacked to lose contacts/photos/etc. First they drop the price by, like, $200 after the phone's been out a couple months, now this. O_o I'll bet they have some SERIOUSLY pissed off customers, especially since buying the iPhone seems to have required a very long contract with AT&T. Then again, if they had to have a contract with AT&T anyway, wonder why they were hacking the phone. Were there people paying for both the AT&T contract AND a contract for another provider too, just so they could use the phone with their chosen provider? And the article sounds like Apple did this on purpose, but then that one line says 'many of the unauthorised iPhone unlocking programs caused "irreparable damage" to the device's software,' so did Apple not even mean for this to happen? I'm confused. Anybody know more about this? [nudge nudge Bryan?]

All cell phones should be available for all services. :P

-I started to do some of the themes for my 1sentence claim today. Who knew it would be SO FUCKING HARD to write a story that's just one sentence long. It's hard to put in all the info you need to, as well as making the sentences not all have the same structure/sound so alike they get boring. Never expected it to be quite so much of a challenge.

-contrelamontre is celebrating its anniversary under a new mod, and for this month they're letting people post fic for any prompt that's ever been set forth at the community. I used to love the fics that came out of there, I hope they get a lot of response. Maybe I could search the challenges for something to prompt some Phoenix/Miles. Hmmmmmmmm...

-I went to Payless and bought cute shoes for work. They're simple black shoes with a bit of a heel, but I like them. Strangely, they don't seem to be on the website. O_o I LOVED some of the boots they had for fall/winter, though. Like these, these, these, these delightfully gaudy things, these cute, also gaudy things, and these cuties.

-Bought Hot Fuzz, 300, and Pan's Labyrinth yesterday. I love Blockbuster's PVDs, especially when they're on sale. (3 for $20 up to $14.99, hell's yeah!) I felt bad for the poor drone, he was commenting on my purchases (said I had good taste, heh) and then had to ask me if I knew Pan's Labyrinth was subtitled. It's so stupid that they have to do that, ESPECIALLY on something a person's buying (you'd think people wouldn't buy something without making sure they wanted it) but I can remember how many people tried to return Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon because they didn't know it was subtitled. I can understand preferring to watch dubs if that's your thing, but to miss out on a movie you think you'd like because you have to read the subtitles just makes me kinda sad for people. Oftentimes they're missing out on something REALLY good because of it.

-I can SMELL Halloween in the air, and it makes me giddy like a schoolgirl on crack!! I love this time of year!

-I need to make a Phoenix Wright mood theme.

---Am I still the queen of TL;DR? XD