September 19th, 2007

[Phoenix] Try using THIS.

What is WRONG with me?!?1!

I'm listening to my mp3 player at work and Yeneh Ababa comes on. You know, the pretty Kenna song that starts "Take me for the rose I am, Lay yourself in my bed again, Showered and covered in petals of red..."

My brain starts trying to apply this to Edgeworth. EDGEWORTH. This is so wrong, the gayocity EXPLODED MY MIND.
[Pirates] Fancy a shag?

Okay, I should have posted this when I got home from work...

But I got distracted by the evil VG Cats. My pirate kinda sucks, but this is the email I sent to some of my work friends today.


Avast, ye landlocked lubbers! It be time again for all scurvy dogs and comely wenches engage their persons with all due festivity! Aye, 'tis International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Ye'd best be participatin', if'n ye care to not walk the plank! If ye be needin' aid ta talk like a pirate, or ye'd be needin' ta make additions ta your piratey vocabulary, set sail for and prepare to hoist yer Jolly Roger and join the raid! Arrr!


I got two replies, one from a guy saying basically 'lol', and another in the form of a sticky note in reply to a question I'd asked on a claim. The coder replied 'Aye, we have an accord." :D
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