August 16th, 2007

[Phoenix] X-Files Edgeworth.

Meme and weekend update

Ask me to take pictures of any aspect of my life that you're interested in/curious about - it can be anything from my favorite shirt to my cell phone. Leave your requests as a comment to this entry, I'll snap the pictures and post them later. It's like a glimpse into my world! Stolen from emerald_embers.

I still have to post full thoughts on Stardust, but I'll readily say I LOVED it and think everyone should go see it. :)

Tomorrow night we're going to check out the 'Bat's Day in the Park', a gathering of goth/punk/metal/etc. people at Disneyland. Unfortunately neither of us has a Disneyland pass, so we won't be going into the park, but we're going to have tons of fun anyway! We're going to hit the Bat's Day Black Market at the Doubletree Guest Suites, where we'll probably both end up buying BPAL scents (the Neil ones I've wanted to buy since they came out but didn't want to buy without knowing what they smell like. I'm sure Bridgie will end up with the Aziraphale scent, and I might end up with Crowley, to complete the set. XD) After that we'll go to Downtown Disney and shop and maaaaybe eat at Rainforest Cafe, even though we shouldn't because that would be really WRONG and BAD. I'm going to be pathetic and look for some clothes for the Build-a-Bear Bridgie gave me a while ago; my kitty had a punky school skirt and shirt combo, but the skirt keeps falling off.

Anyway, I'll be taking lots of pictures, so I'll post some here. It'll be so great to see Disneyland overrun with metalheads and punks and goths. Have to decide what to wear...

I heard about this a few days ago, on Warren Ellis's feed. Mike Wieringo passed away on Sunday. He was an incredible artist, and designed/co-created, among other things, Tellos (which was so beautiful) and one of my absolute favorite characters, Impulse. Fuck. Rest in peace, 'Ringo. You were one of the modern greats, as far as I'm concerned.

Edit: I just found Wieringo's Deviantart account through someone on my DevArt friends list. His gallery is full of beautiful works, and I just favorited a bunch of them, including his amazing Harry Potter ones, his plus-size Wonder Woman, a lot of great sci-fi and steampunk-esque pieces...he was such a talent.
[Kevin Smith] OTP


I just wandered forever. I started doing the quest for Silithid eggs in the Field of Giants, then when I finished that I thought I'd have a go at the Weapons of Choice quest further south. Instead of finishing that one, though, I just kept walking after killing one Razormane. And walking. And walking. I ended up at the Great Lifts, which is really awesome looking, took them down, wandered through that creepy empty area waaaaaay down below. Somehow I managed to not get attacked by the eight-levels-stronger monsters on the sides of the road until I reached Felaras. Then I got attacked by a hyena and an elemental AT THE SAME TIME. I ran until I lost them in the jungle (no, seriously) and killed by a wolf. WTF. BUT I came to in Camp Mo'jache, or however it's spelled. In all I found another flight path, saw some interesting new areas, and got XP from discovering 7 or 8 new places. Sweet.

Then I used my hearthstone to go back to Orgrimmar, where I proceeded to blow about 2 gold on 12 new skills.

For those who're keeping track, that means I reached level 20. YEAH baby! My first alt to hit 20, I'm so proud. [sniff]

...[pokes zully] Heeeeeeey there! ^_~
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