July 30th, 2007



My afternoon commute usually takes almost exactly 23-25 minutes. Every day. With traffic it's sometimes a half hour.

I just got home, at 6:35. I left work at 5:20!!!!! I was stuck on Lambert (a ten minute section of my drive) from 5:27 to 6:17. The urge to kill is EXTREMELY fucking strong right now.
[Kevin Smith] OTP

Bad feelings gone.

After seeing this on zully's LJ:

And finding a copy of this:

...my bad mood has vanished completely. Story on the second one, two of the presenters at the Eisner awards, Ellen Forney and Allison Bechdel, decided to recreate the Britney Spears/Madonna kiss from the MTV Awards (or wherever the hell that happened), in honor of all the women and gay people nominated this year. So then, when Neil and Jonathan Ross got up at the end of the show to present the final awards, this happened. So much love. XD Why oh WHY couldn't I have gone to Comic-Con this year.

Oh well, guess I'll have to start watching Heroes now...