July 1st, 2007

SO GAY (by Idgiebay)

Quick post

We had an awesome time with Natalie last night! I hope she had as much fun as we did, and that she comes back for vacationy time instead of business, so we can do more touristy stuff with her. Maybe you can bring Kyo next time? :D

We gots Coldstone, mwahaha. I'm going to say bai bai to Weight Watchers for a while, I tried it for two weeks and then vacation happened and I realized how much fun I have eating. So instead, I'm going to just try to not eat as much as I was eating. Cause seriously, it was getting to the point where every night I'd go back for seconds, then sometime before bedtime I'd have a large midnight snack too. That's just too much. We're also thinking of taking a dance class of some sort for our exercise, because dancing is awesome fun. <3 But anyway, Coldstone has green tea ice cream again, mmmmmm. I got a little sample spoon of that, and one of the cotton candy. You know the secret to their ice cream tasting so good, right? It's not because they actually use the ingredients that the ice cream is supposed to be (like using cake batter in the cake batter ice cream), it's that they lace it with CRACK. Seriously. That's the only explanation for how fucking good this Cherry Cake Double Take is. [numnumnum]

I wanna see Ratatouille, and Transformers, and Sicko, and 1408, and OMFG HARRY POTTER IN A FEW WEEKS AAAAAAAAAH. I must make a 'predictions' post before the last book comes out. Then I shall get it at the reserve party Friday night, read it non-stop until finished, probably cry like a bitch at the ending, then spent the rest of the weekend devouring all the delicious WANK that's going to explode across the net. Wankopolypse, here we come!