May 19th, 2007

[Asterix] Long before Popeye...


So I'm in Bridgie's mom's car, on the way back from celebrating her brother's birthday. Bridgie's asleeping next to me, and there's not much else to do since no one's on AIM except Bryan, and he stopped talking to me [poke] so I figured I could make a quick post!

We all went out to dinner at The Lobster in Santa Monica. Now, with this family I've been to some nice restaurants, and I'm very lucky to be included. I love Bridgie's family dearly, they've always made me feel welcomed. Anyway, this was perhaps the most expensive dinner I've ever had, and BOY was it worth it. There was 8 of us; most of us had lobster...50.00 lobster, or 30.00 a pound lobster, there were three kinds. We had oysters and artichoke hearts and ahi for appetizers. I was daring and had some of the ahi with sturgeon roe, (eew fish eggs) and actually really liked the roe. They couldn't get me to eat the oyster, but I tried both kinds of lobster, and hated them. :D

My dish was a 40.00 king salmon. It was decadent, I've never had fish that good...

We're almost home, tbc when I get there!
SO GAY (by Idgiebay)


Had to play Animal Crossing really quickly before Nook's store closed. Glad I did, too, I got the Master Sword! :D

Anyway, yeah, so I had a $40 Grilled Alaskan King Salmon with mushroom gravy and some mashed potatos with bits of bacon in them, SO GOOD. And I had two pina coladas and a small glass of the cabernet sauvignon that Bridgie's brother Stan picked out. I really really don't like wine, but I try it every time we get some anyway, and occasionally I've found ones that don't taste absolutely horrible. :D This one was one of those, it wasn't overpowering at all and I actually kind of liked it.

I don't know if it was the food or the booze, but I've been really freaking sleepy since we left there at, like, 7 pm. I was almost ready to fall asleep on the way to Stan's house, and then again on the way home. I woke up some when Stan opened his presents. He liked mine (a double DVD box set of two Cheech and Chong movies, heh) and Bridgie's and their sister Maria's (both got him Santana cologne) but he FREAKED over his mom's biggest present - tickets to see The Police at the Pond in Anaheim. Apparently he's wanted to see them since he was a teen, so that was really cool. He screamed and shouted and jumped up and down and was really wonderfully happy. He kept saying them performing again was like the Beatles getting back together (Stan's a professional musician, btw, and major music geek.)

Anyway, I'm gonna try to do some replies to stuff tomorrow, sorry I haven't replied to the last few things you guys have commented on! I hope to do lots of fannish things tomorrow, but you guys might be able to help with that too. I know at least one of you is into TMNT fandom, and I'm desperate to find good fics for either the 2007 movie or the 2003 series, non-spoilerish (I've already seen the movie, of course, and by tomorrow I should have seen the last episodes of the first season.) Anybody got any recommendations to help a sister out? :D

There's been a big RenFaire going on in Irwindale every weekend since April 7th, and the final day is tomorrow. Why was I not informed of this? ;_;