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Okay, best. Pumpkins. Ever.

We got more Trick-r-Treaters than we expected to, YAY. And I started writing a Halloween fic, but didn't feel like writing any more. I think I'm burned out. :P Hope I can get more done tomorrow, there's so much to do!

I posted a Phoenix/Miles drabble at gyakuten100, for those who might be interested. I thought I'd posted it here, too, but I guess I was waiting until the Halloween fic was done so I could make just one post. O_o It's an actual drabble this time, 100 words!

I will have to post pictures tomorrow, if I find the time.

The most emo of these songs for our Phoenix/Miles CDs are Phoenix-y songs. All your song are belong to Phoenix.
Tags: halloween, phoenix wright
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