June 17th, 2006

SO GAY (by Idgiebay)


So I've been driving almost every day since I got the car, which is good. I'm still making mistakes, and I haven't yet learned the art of looking everywhere at once wtf, but I'm getting more comfortable. I drove to Blockbuster today to show it off to Vanessa (my old boss, for those who don't remember) and then drove it to KMart so I could buy car stuff yays! I got a little flashlight to keep in it, and an ergonomic soft black steering wheel cover that's comfy on my hands, but I don't know how it'll feel when driving yet, on account'a I didn't put it on until we got home. Oh, and a plain black litter bag that I'm probably going to paint something on. I just got done putting decals on the car (Gorillaz, X-Men, and Stitch decals, to be exact) and Valorie let me borrow her camera to take pictures so I'll be inflicting them on you guys as soon as I get them from her. Tonight (when the streets are a lot more empty) we're gonna try to make it all the way to work and back. O_O Excitement!

The car's name is Nightcrawler, and soon hopefully it will have Nightcrawler painted on it. I have to find the kinds of paint I used the last time I painted on a car...well, vehicle, it was a bus actually. Too bad I never got a compressor and learned how to use the airbrush one of my favorite cousins gave me for...graduation or whatever it was she gave it to me for. I should get it when I go back to Memphis and bring it back here so I can actually USE it.

I neeeeed a CD player for my car. O_O

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