April 30th, 2006

Scrubs love!

Drabble: My Missed Chance, JD/Turk

For idgiebay and bether_was_here. I'll do your Trowa/Quatre one too, babe, you both just happened to request the same Scrubs pairing :D. Hope you guys like it! And it's an actual drabble this time, 100 words!

Disclaimer: Scrubs and all its characters belong to very talented people that aren't me. I don't know whether this would amuse them, disturb them, or make them sad on account of its sucking, but oh well.

Second disclaimer: I haven't actually SEEN the episodes dealing with Turk's marriage to Carla, just the seasons after and some before. So if I made some grave error in chronology or anything, I apologize in advance :D.

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