April 12th, 2006

SO GAY (by Idgiebay)

Happy Birfday to me :D

Had an awesome birfday! Pictures of the massively cool hat my boss 'made' for me are forthcoming :D. I walked into work today to find my cubicle covered in balloons, with a happy birfday note on my computer, a lollipop (one of those that looks like a candy dildo :D) and Hershey's kisses on the keyboard. Adriane gave me a balloon on a stick and some daisies, and Tiana drew me a picture with my name. Hee! Brdgie's mom took me to Mandarin Taste, an amazing restaurant, for dinner, and they had a cake for me too! I got a GORILLAZ T-SHIRT from my babeh!! Not to mention the special edition of King Kong, w00t!!! Nicki got me a (very nummy!) giftcard to Hot Topic, Valorie and Maria got me a giftcard to Edwards cinema (Silent Hill, here I come!) Mommy and Timmy are sending me mysterious presents (which are Adult Swim DVDs, I'm fairly certain, because they both asked me what Adult Swim DVDs I have XD) and my granny sent me a little money. All in all a very good birfday!

If anybody's looking for any last minute things to 'get' me, I'm desperate for good fics or art. 2D/Murdoc is my top pairing right now, but Todd/Kurt is still very much up there, and Duo/Heero's not too far behind. Links to good stuff would also be much appreciated and loved ^_^.

Bry and Manda, thanks for the texts/card!!! [hugs]

Stolen from zully:

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