February 19th, 2006

Neil Gaiman

Cowboys are frequently secretly fond of each other

Willie Nelson released a song by that name. OMFG XD. Muc h<3 for Willie Nelson.

Rent is a lovely movie, and the music is as addictive as I remembered. The best part, though, was the feature-length documentary on the second disc. It was almost two hours long, and told the story of Johnathan Larson's life, up to his death the night before Rent was going to be performed for the first time. It made me cry ;_;. The man worked his entire life on the musicals he hoped would change American musical theater forever, and all his dreams came true the day after his death. He won the Pulitzer; got rave reviews in every magazine and newspaper, including the New York Times; the play sold out and people camped out in street lines just to get tickets; it saved lives and changed the face of musical theater forever. And he wasn't around to see any of it. He got the first positive impressions from critics and others that attended the final dress rehearsal, went home, and died while making a cup of tea. It was very sobering to hear about, and gives the musical an entirely new meaning, because the actors are almost all the same ones he'd picked in the beginning, and for them the musical meant something entirely different after he was gone.

Anyway, everyone should go rent RENT. Heh. Though keep in mind that it is very much a musical. There's hardly any spoken dialogue (there WASN'T any in the play) and while the songs are different from any other musical, with elements of all kinds of different pop and rock music, they're the kind of songs that will probably annoy the living hell out of you if you don't love them, and they will NOT leave your head. Seasons of Love has been running through my mind for about a month now O_o.

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