June 24th, 2005

[Phoenix] X-Files Edgeworth.

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NEW LAYOUT! Ah made it mahself! /GIR voice

Okay, not really. On account of I know little more than nothing about HTML. Thank goodness for mah tech-saavy babeh ^_~. So yeah, new layout, my first real one. Comments? Also new icon and new mood theme. Though I'm not quite done with the mood theme, some things will definitely be changed when I have more time.

We also finished Gundam Wing AND Endless Waltz tonight. WHOO! In honor of all these things, I'm posting links to my old Gundam Wing fics. The multi-chapter one (that will never be finished, obviously) was my first fanfic XD. As such, it's pretty horrible.

Dragon's Blood - Beware the badly written slash and rampant OOCness!

Face-off - Short and silly. Not nearly as bad as Dragon's Blood, at least XD
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