August 2nd, 2004

[Phoenix] X-Files Edgeworth.


Okay, I'll be back later tonight to do RP things and stuff but OMFG we have new froggies!!!! Since we're impatient, we went out and got frogs. Not the cute, teeny, so-fast-and-small-you-can't-catch-them frogs. White's Tree Frogs. Also known as Dumpy Frogs. ^_^ The cute, bigger, not-all-that-slow-and-quite-easy-to-handle variety of frog. We got them because they're really good beginner frogs, easy to take care of and easy to handle, not to mention the cutest little buggers, I swear. I am SO IN LOVE with my baby now. I get him out, and he jumps around for a bit then sits down on my hand or shirt and just stays there. Usually he'll do this adorable little hunkering down move, where he kinda wiggles back and forth until he's comfy, and it's the cutest fucking thing. He looked like he was falling asleep in my hand earlier, though I don't know if frogs sleep or not XD.

I was gonna name him Chameleon (Cam or Cammi for short) because he changes colors, a LOT. Bridgie's gets a little lighter or darker with the environment he's in, but mine was dark dark brown when we first got him and after about five minutes in the car he was bright green. While I was holding him a few minutes ago he went from bright green to pale yellow-green. He's also got a spot on his foot and a spot on his back that looks almost blue when he's green. Oh, but anyway, I finally decided just a bit ago to name him Alex Summers (wink wink Beaubier), Summers for short, because he's like the laid-back surfer boy of frogs. I was gonna name him Toddles, because Bridgie's not naming hers Toddles and ONE needs to be named Toddles, but...Well, he's a Summers. ^_^;;;

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Oh, so totally jealous of Mayumi's Spider-Man controller.
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