May 29th, 2004

[Phoenix] X-Files Edgeworth.

Procrastination is your friend! AKA 'THE LIST'

So I've got to go to work in an hour. Which is all well and good, it'll be two hours later than I'm used to on a Saturday night, and it'll be the last time (hopefully EVER) I'll have to sell Rewards. WHOO! But...we'll be doing a full-store inventory after we close. Which means we probably won't be out of there before 5 am or some inhumane hour like that. So instead of doing the things I should be doing, I'm making this list. These are ALL the movies I own, at least the ones that weren't taped off TV or anything. The ones in italics are the ones I bought from Blockbusters (mostly PVTs, but not necessarily all were purchased after I started working there) and the ones in bold are ones I HAVEN'T EVEN WATCHED YET. Keep in mind I've had some of those for two years now XD. Oh, and the ones with * beside them are screeners.

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