February 18th, 2004

[Phoenix] X-Files Edgeworth.

"You still have...all of me..."

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So I'm feeling a little less lethargic today than I did yesterday. Aside from this damn headache, I feel pretty damn good. I've DDRed twice in the past two days (I'm still panting from the last bout, in fact) and did pretty damn well for myself in comparison to what I can usually manage on Standard mode. Not to mention a lot of the foul-ups I'm making are at least partially due to my having no stamina for this, and getting tired after only five songs, though I push myself to anywhere between 20-30 each time I play.

I got Timmy to open my window, so now it's not so stale in here. But dear sweet Tallest my room's a mess. I haven't cleaned it in weeks, no changing bedsheets, no vacuuming, no dusting, and the cat hair's an inch thick on everything XP. Thank goodness I have Saturday off (aside from inventory), much cleaning must be done.

Speaking of work, we had a 'store meeting' today. Or at least, it would've been a store meeting, if there were more than four people (including Stephie, the manager) there. New rules to crack down on whatever person seems to be stealing shite from us; we can't bring in our CD cases anymore, or bags, or backpacks. Fuuuuuuuhuck. I always come into work with, like, more shite than I can carry ANYWAY, not being able to bring bags or my CD case for when I'm PVTing or opening in the morning's gonna SUCK. But oh well, I'll deal. After the pseudo-meeting I went over to Walgreen's and found fleece blankets on sale, two for $10. I bought two ^_^;; [grovels at Bridgie's feet and begs for forgiveness] I got a really pretty....cheetah? print for myself, and a blue plaid for granny. Haven't given it to her yet, dad's here and he'll just bitch me out for spending money when I haven't paid her for the privelege of living here this month -_-;;;. Fucking bastard. I can't wait to tell them I'm going to LA for another week next month XD. That'll be a fun conversation.

What else, what else...OH!! OMGOMGOMGOMG!!! OSCAR NOMINATIONS!!! OSCAR NOMINATIONS!!! I have renewed my faith, somewhat, in the people that nominate for Oscars, for something I knew SHOULD happen, but knew never WOULD happen, HAS HAPPENED!!! Yes, Return of the King got tons of nominations, as it should have, and it better win a bunch of them, especially Best Picture (I haven't seen too many of the others, but I know it still kicks their arses XD).

But sweet tap-dancing Tallest, JOHNNY DEPP WAS NOMINATED FOR JACK SPARROW!! BEST LEADING ACTOR!!!!! BEST LEADING ACTOR, FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD!!! How many times in the history of Oscar has an actor in an ACTION/COMEDY been nominated for anything other than best supporting actor?! I've been saying since the first time I saw PotC that Depp deserved an Oscar nomination for that, and I wasn't just being a braindead fangirl. That was truly an inspired performance, something totally unique and utterly impossible to duplicate, and deserves every bit of accolade that it's gotten. But never did I actually believe he'd GET nominated!! [dies happy]

Yeah, so I'm actually gonna watch the Oscars this year.

Need to go to the comic book store tomorrow night. I'm not sure if 1602 is out, but it's been a while since the last issue. And THE SILENT HILL COMIC MINI-SERIES started today, to my great surprise, so yeah, must have. I can't wait to introduce my babeh to the wonder that is Silent Hill 1 ^_^. And I need to hunt out some good SH fanfics. And if someone would write a Todd/Kurt SH crossover, I would worship them.

Need to write OMG...
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